Just a little note

I am not really the blogging type of person but I am really excited to give a go at interviews with some of the our industry's best piercers, jewelry companies and spotlights on the industry's best studios around the world.

The body piercing industry has grown so much from the days of the word of mouth piercings of the past to the boutique style studios of today. The fashion industry has made a huge impact on our jewelry, the television and film industry has made it noticeable. People are becoming more and more visibly pierced and are calling for a higher demand in safety measures like state regulations and jewelry standards. We could go on for days (or lines of type) about how we have grown as individuals and as an industry, so instead keep an eye here for many articles with our industry's best. 

Our first interview will be with the wonderful Nate Janke of Saint Sabrina's located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

If you have questions please feel free to email them to: uncommonartsllc@gmail.com

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