Autoclave action

This is the inside of a statim 900 (below it is the 2000). Today I was recalibrating the boiler in order to have our autoclave function properly.

An autoclave is an essential tool in the body art trade. A statim sterilizes in about 8 minutes overall. The sterilization part is 3.5 minutes, then there is pressurizing and whatnot.

I took yesterday off so today I will be doing all of the spore tests on our autoclaves, we have 3. Our spore tests are done weekly by me in the studio and mailed out for testing to see if the autoclave is working correctly. I also got in the results for last months cycles, all of which have passed, so I will be updating our spore test binder.

A professional studio runs best when it is kept up to date with procedures and protocols.

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